Community Action Proposal

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Community Action Proposal Instructions

Imagine that you, and a few others who have a passion for community awareness and intervention, have been given a 4 million dollar grant to establish a program, center, or organization. This assignment can be a proposal for a marginalized population within your community whose mental health needs have been overlooked or ignored by service providers. The proposal can take the shape of a “Community Action Plan” that you and an interest group would present to the county commissioner or city council, or it can take the shape of a “Proposal for The _______ Center”, in which you describe the population, current issues, needed services, a proposed program, a rationale, a budget, etc. for potential consideration by an interest group, committee, or funding organization.

This must be a 12-15 page paper in current APA format with 12 sources. You must incorporate the June & Black and the Scott & Wolfe texts in substantial and meaningful ways and draw on recent journal articles, particularly for the needs analysis, assessment, and program objectives. A minority of your sources may be professional sources that shed light on the issues at hand. Include the following content, using the bold outline headings below as your paper headings, substituting your program/center/organization where appropriate:

1Name of your organization and proposed location. Why did you name it as such and establish it where you did?

2Write a purpose, vision, or mission statement. Follow best practices for a concise and well-articulated statement. Justify and explain as needed.

3 Needs analysis and assessment. Who is the target population? How will this organization address the presenting problem? This section must be thorough and supported by research.

4 Program goal and objectives. What will this organization achieve long-term and short-term? Articulate an overall goal and 3-5 measurable, time-specific, realistic objectives.

5 Services to be provided. Describe how this organization help, relieve, provide, etc. for the targeted population.

6 Structure of the organization. Describe processes for client screening, other relevant organizational functions, and staffing (counselors, social workers, volunteers, administrative staff).

7 Organizational accountability. What type of testing or assessment of the target population will be conducted? (e.g. Global Assessment Functioning, GAF). Describe how documentation for trustees/directors/financial providers and record keeping for clients will be handled.

8 Budget. Delineate how the $4 million grant will be spent. End with a closing paragraph in which you also address sustainability, i.e. how the organization will survive once the money has been spent.

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