community health problem or risk based on windshield survey attached

Identify Community health problem or risk based on your assessment. Describe the values and practices of your selected culture as it relates to disease prevention and health promotion.

Develop one community health diagnosis and provide supporting data.

Submit a 7-page written paper (including cover page and references) that addresses the following elements:

Develop at least one community health diagnosis using the format from the ATI book (page 29)

RISK OF (specific problem or risk in the community) AMONG (the specific population that is affected by the problem or risk) RELATED TO (strengths and weaknesses in the community that influence the problem or risk)”

Provide the rationale for your diagnosis based on your windshield survey and supported by 3 scientific sources.

Identify community strengths and resources currently available to address the health concern.

Identify community needs and potential resources to address the identified concern.

Describe beliefs, values, rituals, ceremonies and traditions of the assigned cultural group related to disease prevention and health promotion activities. **CULTURE GROUP IS CAMBODIAN*

Paper must adhere to APA 6th ed. Guidelines

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