Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Arch Influence.

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Arch Influence. Arch Influence As a female, I have always looked upon the great architects of my time as well as that of the yesteryears. They have given me the muchneeded confidence and encouragement by their sheer presence. This has been the case with me when I look at my uncle Mr. Thomas. He has been working as an architect for the last 40 years and has built a number of unique buildings, passageways, bridges and statues all across the suburbs of the city.

I have gained a lot of encouragement from his works and whenever I have the chance to visit his creations. I make it a point to get myself photographed alongside his creations. This gives me a chance to understand what his work is all about and how he went into the intricacies related with detail of the said monument. Meeting him and having a direct one-on-one conversation is a different experience altogether. He is an institution in his own right and provides so much information and details that no book or periodical in the field of architecture can.

Mr. Thomas has been an ardent supporter in my way to become an architect in the future. Even though there are not many females in this field but his support and positive energies suggest to me that my hard work can pave the way for a better tomorrow and I can also become an architect at the end of the day. I owe a lot of gratitude to Mr. Thomas for his unending motivation and assistance and I can safely predict a fresh architect in the waiting in the times to come, in the form of my individual personality.

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