complete nine questions based on simutext application

You will use the SimUText software to complete the Virtual Lab. You will use the same log-in as in the previous sections. You may complete this section as a group or individually. Instructions for SimUText are at the bottom of this assignment.

You will use section 3: Action Potentials Challenge for this.

Based on section 3: page 2

1. Why must Na+ channels open before K+ channels? How is the action potential affected if Na+ and K+ channels open simultaneously?

2. How does the K+ channel closing speed affect the after-hyperpolarization? (More background information is in bullet point 2 on page 2 of section 3.)

3. How does a dilute application of lidocaine affect the action potential?

4. How does a dilute application of mamba snake venom affect the action potential?

5. Write a hypothesis about another change to Na+, K+ channel density, opening and/or closing speed.

6. Test your hypothesis. What do you find?

Based on section 3: page 3

7. In what direction do the ions move if K+ and Na+ both start outside the cell?

8. What channel conductances (leak channels) are required to maintain a resting potential of -65mV?

9. Does changing the concentration of K+ affect the Vm changes that result from opening just Na+ channels (or vice versa)?

It is important that you review the information below before you subscribe to the SimUText for Human Health and Disease at Emerson College. To avoid possible problems, do not wait until the last minute.

    Visit (Links to an external site.) to confirm that the SimUText application will work on your computer, and/or to explore your options if there is a problem.
  2. Registration Link
    When you are ready to subscribe and download installers, follow this link to initiate the process: (Links to an external site.)
  3. SimUText Application Installers
    After you have completed the subscription process, if you need to download the SimUText application installers again, you will be able to access them by logging into the SimUText Student Portal (Links to an external site.) ( this email! Should you encounter problems, you may need your course-specific Access Key. It is: USJu-6D8c-aXQf-8BV6-Gt2m

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