Complete Parts A through D belowPart A: Topic SelectionSelect a topic for your Week 5 Final Argument Paper using the following steps:Topic: Social Networking sites and HiringRespond to the following q

Complete Parts A through D below

Part A: Topic Selection

Select a topic for your Week 5 Final Argument Paper using the following steps:

Topic: Social Networking sites and Hiring

Respond to the following questions in 25-50 words total.

What is your selected topic? 

Why is this topic appropriate for an argument paper? 

Part B: Forming Your Position to Develop Your Argument

Respond to the following questions using the topic you selected. 

1. What is your position related to your topic? (25-50 words total)

2. What are three reasons why you have this position about this topic? (25-50 words total)

3. Do you believe research will support your reasons for this position? What will you do if you cannot locate research to support your reasons for your position? (25-50 words total)

Part C: Drafting Your Thesis Statement

Create a rough draft of your thesis statement using your position and reasons for your position. Your thesis statement will serve as the claim in your argument.

Part D: Components of an Argument

Arguments can be easily misunderstood and misinterpreted. There may be times when we do not fully evaluate arguments before forming our response to them, and our response may have been different if we fully understood what was being argued. Argument evaluation is important in everyday life to help you communicate effectively with others and to form your own arguments. 

Select one article from any of the themes on the Article List.

 Yu, A. (2017). The power of mentors and sponsors: Closing the workplace gender inequality gap. Maclean’s: Opposing Viewpoints in Context, 59. 

Read the article, and respond to the following:

1. Provide an APA formatted reference of  the article you selected. You may use the Reference and Citation Generator for assistance.<Enter your response here.>

2. In 25-50 words, indicate the author’s claim.

3. In 25-50 words, indicate what evidence or research is provided to support the author’s claim.

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