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Check for Understanding – Excel Toolkit

Y/N I can use the AutoFill Handle to quickly enter content into multiple cells.

Y/N I can apply special date and number formats to cells.

Y/N I can change column widths and wrap text.

Y/N I can add comments to cells.

Y/N I can work with multiple worksheets.

Y/N I can work with ranges and create range names.

Y/N I can use data validation to restrict the type of data that can be entered into a cell.

Y/N I can freeze columns and rows so they remain on screen at all times.


  1. Can you resize column widths with an icon or do you have to use the mouse? ________________
  2. Excel keeps track of dates by converting them into numbers T or F ? ___________________
  3. Name the three types of “special” number formatting
    1. ________________
    2. ________________
    3. _________________

Enter Screenshots below or upload the completed Excel spreadsheet.

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