Compose a 2250 words assignment on human being’s ethical obligation in respect to other animals. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 2250 words assignment on human being’s ethical obligation in respect to other animals. Needs to be plagiarism free! Human beings are moral creatures, thus have an obligation of ensuring their actions promote the well-being of other non-human creatures on earth. Animals are part of the ecosystem within which human beings live and, therefore, it is the obligation of man to conserve the surrounding where animals live (Regan, 2003). Conserving their surroundings in this context implies that they should strive to ensure animals within their proximity are protected from any form of danger or destruction by ensuring they live perpetually. hence, saving them from extinction (Linzey and Clarke, 2005). Biologically, human beings are regarded as the highest creatures psychologically, thus they ought to make rational judgments concerning the preservation of other creatures. Ethical obligations do not entail domestication of animals only, it goes beyond the boundaries of domestication (Linzey and Clarke, 2005).

For this reason, the fact that those animals live in homesteads does not justify the uncouth treatment, they receive from human beings. However, some people argue that human beings are the custodians of the earth, thus have authority over all other creatures (Regan, 2003). That argument is right but having authority over something does not mean irresponsible or inhumane behavior. The issue of non-human beings being accorded rights, however, from a broader perspective is a limitation to people and defecation to the logic of common sense. For instance, if human beings subscribe and uphold animal rights, then they cannot use animals for food, transport, or recreation (Regan, 2003). However, from theological perspective critics of human rights can argue that God granted human beings the right to dominate over other animals as well as using them for food. Therefore, enacting legislation and acts to protect animals will be theologically incorrect as it acts to limit the authority humans have over animals.&nbsp.The primary sources for this assignment included works by Gruen and that one by Linzey and Clarke. I choose to rely on these books entirely due to the exclusive nature in which they have presented their scholarly works regarding this topic.

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