conditions of coverage and participation related to medicare and medicaid specific to different types of health care organizations examine the conditions of coverage and participation related to hospitals in illinois

There are common overarching standards in health care regulation, but there are important differences depending on the practice setting. This assignment is designed to familiarize you with conditions of coverage and participation related to Medicare and Medicaid specific to different types of health care organizations. The Center for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) Regulations and Guidance, which are guidelines for coverage and participation. I have found that after you go to the area that you selected use the search bar in the top right corner. For example: I selected Hospitals and then typed in “Staffing Requirements” and found the information needed. You can also use Google and type in your state and practice setting. Ex: What are the Medicare and Medicaid Conditions of Coverage and Participation for Hospitals in Illinois. Remember that your organization will not receive reimbursement if staffing requirements are not safe. Look at your state board of nursing staffing requirements. The requirements are generally not specific numbers but if your hospital is following the state board of nursing staffing requirements, then I would think you could use your organizations staffing ratios. Another way to find out this information is to go talk to your “Compliance Officer” at your hospital, nursing home, etc. Compliance Officers are responsible for ensuring the organization meets the CMS requirements

Choose a practice setting: My practice setting would be a Hospital in Illinois.

Examine the conditions of coverage and participation related to your practice setting. Each bullet point is required. Each bullet point is required to be a “heading” and written in bold letters. Please follow the Sample PowerPoint under Resources. If you have any questions, call me before you start.

  • Staffing requirements
  • Release of patient records
  • Patient rights
  • Administrative structure
  • Another aspect relative to the specific care environment

Create 8-10 slide PowerPoint Presentation. Speaker Notes are required. The cover slide and reference slide are not counted in the slide requirement.


  • A title page and reference page are required but do not count toward the slide count requirement.
  • 3-5 bullet points are required per slide. Do not use complete sentences. Each bullet point is required to be thoroughly discussed in the speaker notes. If you do not know how to format speaker notes, please contact me.
  • An introduction to the assignment is required. An introduction should identify the main points to be discussed.
  • A conclusion is required. A conclusion should refocus the reader to what has been discussed.

Cite at least two peer-reviewed sources in an APA-format in the speaker notes.

References: A Reference Slide is required. All references are required to be cited within the speaker notes. References will look different in a PowerPoint. Generally, hanging indentions are not used.

Submit PowerPoint but not as a pdf. Use Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Do not use the PowerPoint for Mac.

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