correct this paper by completing the missing items

Items missing: you will evaluate and select the company directional, adaptive, market entry, exit, competititve and position strategie using the process strategie formulation. You can refer to chapter 6 for strategies exhibit 71 page 261 and exhibit 72 on page 262.You are to only evaluate and select the strategie that apply to the company. (example :table on page 262 in the book exhibit 7-2 is missing)

Step two evaluate and select adaptive strategies to do step two you will use one of the following method provided in your guide on page 10. You will use either a SWAT analysisand product life cycle analysis and boston consulting group, portfolio analysis, and extended portfolio matrix analysis or a program evaluation. (example: under adaptive strategies there most be two methods but the paper mentioned only one, please add second one)

Book strategic management of the health care organizations ISBN9781119349709

Case study mentioned below:

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