Could you please read chapters 33 and 34 (Files which attached) and make slides in power point that summarize these chapters?

Can you help me understand this Biology question?

You should only focus on topic number 7 which is regulation.

1. Order and Organization

2. Response to the Environment

3. Evolutionary Adaptation

4. Growth and Development

5. Reproduction

6. Energy Processing (and Obtaining Nutrients)

7. Regulation (and acclimation to the environment (NOT adaptation))

In the presentation just write keywords and the description should be in separate file. The presentation should be 2-3 min long, so please I don’t need a lot of information. You should only fill out Reproductive Regulation part in the presentation (Only slide 3). You can add slide and figures, if needed.

Note: Chapter 34 is a power point instead of pdf.

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