create a fabricated intake report

You will complete a fabricated intake report for this assignment. This will be uploaded as a word document with scores up to 70 points. You should use the “Intake Assessment Form” found on pages 460-467 to guide your report. This form is not required. Instead, use this form to help you create an organized report of your fabricated client’s first visit with you. It may be helpful to ask a peer/friend/family member to MAKE UP answers as you interview him/her. Do you provide real life situations in this report.

Your full intake report will be based upon APA guidelines. Additionally, please complete a “header” which reads “FABRICATED REPORT BASED UPON FICTITIOUS INFORMATION.” Margins cannot be more than 1 inch. Reports should range from three to five pages. Please remember that length does not indicate quality. I will be grading based upon you covering all areas in the intake assessment form and using quality sentences.

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