Criminal Justice

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300 words EACH. 1 reference each minimum. APA.

1. Perhaps, more than anything else, agency executives what to know if a policy is being effective or if a recently started program (or even an existing program) is reaching the goals of the program and the target population (whether the program is directed toward employees or external constituents). Ergo, policy analysis and program evaluation & assessment are essential knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for effective and successful leadership. As the Captain of the Community Outreach Division, you decide to conduct an evaluative assessment of the Police Athletic League (PAL) program. Describe the process, steps, and considerations needed to evaluate this program.

2. Go to the Campbell Collaboration Web site at THIS LINK and access the Campbell Library (first link on the left navigation pane). Find a study that evaluates a topic of interest to you. What were the selection criteria used for the review? How did the researchers operationalize the constructs they were measuring (e.g., delinquency, recidivism, bullying, human trafficking)? What did the evaluative assessment conclude?

3. As the Chief/Sheriff, you decide to make a bold and perhaps unpopular decision both with officers and/or the public. You decide to end the D.A.R.E. program in your area. You have learned from research that there is overwhelming evidence that the D.A.R.E. program does NOT work (this, is in fact, the empirical reality). Rather than spending time, money, and personnel on a program that is not effective, you decide to implement a different program that has been evaluated and determined to be very effective and productive. It has been deemed to be a “best practice” and “model” program by many practitioners and researchers. The only remaining decision for you is which program? A list and description of available model programs can be found at the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) HERE and the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (CSPV) University of Colorado – Boulder HERE. Combined, these 2 sites list over 60 model/effective programs. Visit both websites and look over the possibilities. Select a program you would implement to augment the current efforts in the city/county you are serving. Briefly describe the program and why you are recommending it. Minimum word count is 300 words.

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