critical thinking questions chapter 6 life by personal design submission

Please watch the following two Ted Ed videos – great environmental information!

Please read chapter 6 of Life By Personal Design and answer the following question:

  1. Chapter 6 of Life is all about protecting your life space……. (online access (Links to an external site.) …….. password: spring2020
  2. Explain 3 ways you can be more proactive personally and within the community in becoming a more mindful steward on this planet. the following website provides 20 things you can do to be more mindful, let it help you in answering this question.
  3. Please make sure to pull supplemental information from the chapter as well to support your answer
  4. general guideline to follow :
  • Times New Roman 12 point font preferred.
  • Remember to cite what you pull from the chapter to support your statements (APA Style)
  • This assignment should be about 1 page or about 500 words.

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