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Failing is the hole no individual wants to fall in. furthermore, in the way to achieve success most people face failing at some point, some of them simply quit and some learn from failing and achieve their success. In other words, many people try to reach success, but a lot of them don’t reach it and end up being failures. There are many reasons why people fail, some of them can be controlled by the individual and some can be an environmental effect that a person can’t control. However, Carol Dweck in her research article “Brainology” talked about how a fixed mindset cans effects badly on people success in life and explained how to develop a growth mindset in order to reach success. Rebecca Cox also talked about failing in college and the reasons that caused that failing in her article the college fear factor. In addition, Malcolm Gladwell explained in his book Outliers how people can defeat failing and be successful in something by putting a lot of hours for practicing which he called it “the 10000 hours roll”. Finally, quitting after setbacks, the fear of challenges, and not putting enough effort are reasons for failing. Individuals can challenge failing by developing a growth mindset, and put more energy for their goals.

that was my introduction, please read it 

1- the articles that should be used ( Brainology, the student fear factors, Outliers book)

2- it should be 5 body paragraphs equal in length. and the word count should be 1200 words or more. 

3- I want u to fix my introduction and link the rest of the paragraphs with it. 

4- the SA is 5 body paragraphs ( introduction, 3 body paragraphs, conclusion) 

5- the first body paragraph should talk about failing reasons from Carol Dweck view in her article Brainology and talk about her ideas about failing. u should use a direct quote from her article. 

6- the second body paragraph should talk about Rebecca Cox ideas about failing in her article The student fear factors and also use a direct quote from her article.

7- the last paragraph should talk about how to fix these problems and use ur own ideas and u have to also use Malcolm Gladwell chapter ” the 10000 hours rule ” from his book Outliers. use a direct quote from him.

8- the last paragraph will be the conclusion.

9- u have only six hours to finish it**

10-  there should be a topic sentence in each paragraph that are linked with the thesis sentence in the introduction   

****** if  u don’t have enough knowledge about the books and the article please don’t send me a handshake cause I’m looking for a professor with a big knowledge of these topics.  

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