Curriculum and Instruction Appraisal Model.

Assignment Content

Develop a 2,800- to 3,500-word model for the evaluation of instruction in nursing education, including the processes and protocol for an approach to instructional appraisal that could be used in a learning institution or organization in the appraisal of curriculum and instruction delivery. This completed model must be systematic, repeatable, and ready for use. Include the following:

Methods and approaches for observations (previous order, see attached)
Communication methods for feedback to instructors, including pre- and post-observation
Frequency of observations, appraisals, and communication
All relevant tools, forms, documents, and artifacts applying the appraisal process
Reflect on how the Week Seven observation assignment influenced your decision-making process in developing your appraisal model. Include the reflection as an appendix to your model.
Summarize how you might influence your organization’s leaders to consider and perhaps accept your recommendations as an appendix to your model.
Use a minimum of five sources outside the required course readings.

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