data analyse by using excel based on the mutable stages test on the effect of self talk for 20 participants

1-Create a table of the Descriptives for the subjects, and any of the 4 columns that you choose. (Samples are shown on the next pages.) Use any of the 4 columns from the data file that was provided and create a table that contains the descriptives for each. (mean, standard deviation, median…etc.)

2. Using this information, create ‘output’ tables from your ‘statistical analysis.’ Choose the type of statistical analysis that best suits your ‘study’ and replicate the output tables from SPSS sample output file. (Using Excel) For instance, if using a T-test, replace the names of the original variables, the mean and SD with the ones that you created (based on #1). Samples of how to condense them were provided in the original instruction file.

3. Create a graph (or multiple graphs) including the mean scores and error lines (represented by the standard deviation). Be sure to include labels for everything. (Use your creativity and imagination.) The reader should have no questions regarding the information that is presented. Using Excel, create any graph that you feel will display your data and analysis. Have fun and add as many elements that you think are necessary. I will leave this up to you.

4. Include a paragraph (or 2) that describes the tables, graphs and main findings. A sample of this can be found below. Import your tables and graphs into Word (cut and paste) and include the necessary descriptions for each. Create captions (Insert…Captions) and titles for each. NOTE: You may have to adjust the size of the tables and graphs when you insert them into Word.

-Please note that you are not required to download or purchase SPSS for this assignment. you can use world and excel.

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