define Ad Hominem Argument, English homework help


Number your paperfrom 1-4 and answer each question.

  1. Write a brief 1-2 sentenceintroduction defining the “AdHominem Argument.”
  2. In your own words, explain the meaning of a fallacious ad hominem argument and give an originalexample.
  3. In your ownwords, explain the meaning of a legitimate ad hominem argumentand give an original example.
    • Questions 2 and3 should be answered thoroughly, with a minimum of 1 complete paragraph foreach question (3-5 sentences). 
  4. Inyour own words, explain howunderstanding the distinction between a fallacious ad hominem argument and alegitimate ad hominem argument is important to ethical discussion.
    • ​Question 4should be more in-depth and descriptive.
    • Use a minimum of two paragraphs (3-5sentences each).
    • Use a concluding sentence that summarizesyour points about the distinction.
    • Use  2 pieces of information from the assignedmaterial to support your reasoning.
      • ​Note:This information must be cited and referenced according to APA guidelines. Ifyou summarize an idea that is not your own, it must be cited properly. If youquote directly from other material, it must be placed in quotation marks andcited properly. Use quotations only if thequotation is short and the idea cannot be expressed in any otherway.

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