Defying Archetypes English

Lesson Summary

Changes occur constantly in all aspects of life; the changing perceptions of women you have explored in theselessons is just one example. For this assessment, you will closely examine another type of change and summarize an article on the topic.

  1. Choose one of these articles to read closely and summarize.
    • “The Lumineers ride folk rock wave to Grammys”
    • “‘Anything goes’ now in campaign financing?”
    • “For 1st time since 1999, music revenues inch up”
    • “Practically human: Can smart machines do your job?”
    • “Games likely to follow Pentagon on women in combat”
    • “Funny women flourish in female-written comedies”
  2. Follow the four-step process outlined in the lesson to closely examine the article. Use the Summarization Graphic Organizer for support.
    • Step 1: Locate Key Points
    • Step 2: Organize the Key Points
    • Step 3: Determine Central Ideas
    • Step 4: Summarize the Article
  3. In a paragraph of eight to 10 sentences, write your complete summary of the article. Include the central ideas and the key points that support those ideas within the article. In the summary you submit, highlight the central ideas you’ve identified in bold and italicize the supporting evidence.

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