Design an interactive presentation to emphasize your differentiated skills and knowledge.

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Design an interactive presentation to emphasize your differentiated skills and knowledge. This can be in the form of a Prezi, Powerpoint, animation, or other multimedia.It must be dynamic, engaging, and enthusiastic. Using storytelling to focus on a powerful event that has occurred or that influenced your choice of differentiation will draw in the audience.

Differentiated Skills

Includes an interactive presentation using multimedia that is dynamic, engaging, and enthusiastic that differentiates the presenter from others in the field.Creative style that highlights the strengths and experiences that differentiate.


Includes a reflection on volunteerism that demonstrates empathy and care of others or the environment.Includes pictures and stories to enhance the presentation.

personal skills:

Talented cyberapplication Security analyst with 10 years of experience in Network security controls, HCM applications, Leadership, and process coordination


  • Broad experience integrating various Security controls, policies & procedures, Workflow enforcement, Access permissions, reverse engineering business process to facilitate enterprise compliance and efficiencies.
  • Broad experience in design, development, analysis, implementation, upgrade, administration and production support of PeopleSoft Security and Enterprise Portal applications.
  • Proven ability to lead seamless implementations and deliver next-generation solutions improving quality and workplace productivity.

Expertise Highlights

  • PeopleSoft Security
  • Strategic Project Planning
  • Info Security Access and Controls
  • Strategic IT Planning / Execution Quality and Compliance
  • Standards / Procedures Compliance
  • Vendor and Staff Relations
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • CompTIA Security+ Certification
  • Cybersecurity monitoring
  • Application Security
  • Ticketing system knowledge
  • Decision making and Problem Solving
  • Network security
  • Security Access Agreements
  • Firewall
  • Project Management
  • Procedural Standardization
  • Windows Active Directory
  • Financial Management
  • Disaster Recovery

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