design thinking project mapping and focusing on the customer

First, based on the problem/invention idea you described in Module 5, create a Customer Journey Map which will serve as an important part of your Design Thinking project (you will incorporate this in your final project). This is an important part of the empathy and ideation stages that lay the groundwork for additional design, innovation, and prototyping. If you need to review Journey Maps again, we covered the concept in Module 7. You may use one of the templates.

Second, create a Customer Journey Map (covered in Module 5). This should also be incorporated into your final project, and both of these tools should help further your innovation ideas.

Third, briefly analyze your results and outline the next steps in your project.

「the topic is new innovations about waste recycling and disposal in first file, there are two example for customer-centered job map and Customer Journey Map from another two files.」

(The case of new innovations on garbage collection and disposal mainly surrounds several points:

What problem do you want to solve?

What opportunities do you see?

What new product, service, etc. are you thinking about (general description)

Who may benefit from solving the problem?

How will you define success? What indicators will tell you if you are successful?)

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