detailed history biography on commander moshe dayan

– 4-5 FULL Pages

– Detailed biography of “Moshe Dayan” Israeli Commander 1915-1981 CE Aged 66

– Discussion of the Strategies AND Tactics utilized/invented/perfected by “Moshe Dayan”

– Comparison of “Moshe Dayan” to one of these Military Commanders – Thutmose III, King Henry V, Hannibal

– Comparison of your Military Commander’s battle(s) to one of these battles – Battle of Megiddo (1457 BCE), The battle of agincourt, the battle of cannae

– Proofreading!, Good Sentence Structure, Writing Style, and Grammar

– ***REQUIRED – A minimum of 5 Sources, Bibliography of reputable sources (Not Wikipedia!), AND In-Text Citations

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