Determining Pay

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After reviewing the textbook readings and the article about job-based pay, person-based pay, or skill-based pay, address the question listed below and discuss it with your classmates.

Make sure you put your initial posting in by the end of the day on Wednesday and your two follow up postings (minimal) by Sunday evening.

  • In your view, what is the best method for determining pay? Should it be based on
    • the person and his/her experience alone
    • the duties of the job requirements
    • the level and variety of skills performed by the employee
    • or a combination of all of these?

Use the information from our readings and your own research to arrive at your determination.

Articles & Websites:

Bares, A. (2007, June). Considering Skill-Based Pay. Compensation Force.

  • This article is a caution to employers who seek to move from a job-based pay structure to a person-based pay structure.

Use the following resource to assist you with your response for Unit 3.1 DB: Disturbing Compensation Issues.


Watch Video Methods of Job Evaluation

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Watch Video Point Method of Job Evaluation

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