develop an environmental scanning analysis report

Develop an Environmental Scanning Analysis Report

This assignment will serve as a practical learning experience in understanding various issues in

environmental scanning attributed to competitive intelligence. Students are encouraged to

work in teams to get better rewards.

Two scenarios:


Management has asked you to look into aspects of forming an environmental scanning

function in the organization. Specifically, you need to address:


How do you explain ES and its relationship to the organization?


What would the ES charter objectives be?


How will this new function benefit the organization?


Where should the ES function be placed in the organization?


What resources are needed?


How do you justify costs?


Your firm plans to invest in one of the following companies:


Health care industry


Automobile industry


Insurance industry


Publishing industry


Telecommunications technology

Using a combination of secondary and primary research techniques, identify key

competitive threats and competitive opportunities for your firm in dealing with these

industries. Scan the environment and produce a briefing report for the top

management for action. Your report should include the industry background and trends

and competitive landscape.

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