developing emergent literacy skills

Literacy bags are a wonderful method for encouraging at-home literacy development. Sending children’s books home with an activity to support reading, writing, listening, or speaking can improve emergent reader’s skills.

For this assignment, create three 250-500 word handouts for families.

One for infants,

one for toddlers,

one for preschool

that explains literacy bags and how families can employ them to enhance their child’s literacy. Handouts should be visually appealing and include at least one graphic element.

Include the following in each handout:

  • Age/grade level (infant, toddler, and preschool) the literacy bag is designed for.
  • Developmentally appropriate book that can enhance both receptive and expressive language skills.
  • Importance of emergent literacy skills for the specific age/grade level to support young learners’ receptive and expressive skills, and how families can use these books at home to increase receptive and expressive language development.
  • An activity families can use to develop and support either receptive or expressive skills. Provide a rationale for the activity, explaining how the activity uses the literature chosen to support development.
  • A brief assessment aligned to desired learning outcomes for families to use with their children.

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