Developing Excel Application

Think about a situation in your life, personal or professional, that can be improved by developing an Excel Application.  It can be simple or advanced; it’s up to you!  Even the most simple application, can save time and decrease frustration, for example, registration for soccer was an overwhelming task for the volunteer soccer board members in my local community, and I helped them organize an Excel application that tracked name, address, phone numbers, registration fees, uniform sizes, etc.  

For this assignment, I would like you to describe a current situation, create an Excel application (using what you have learned about Excel up to this point) to improve and tell me why your solution was helpful or would be useful to the intended parties.  The assignment should include the following sections:

  1. Describe current situation.
  2. Excel Application you created.
  3. Why is your solution helpful or useful to the intended parties. Please provide clearly described improvement outcomes, like decreased registration time, improved budget information, etc. Intended party, in my example above, would be the volunteer soccer board.  

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