Discrimination and Staffing

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There are many protected groups in the workplace and these protections start when candidates begin their job search. Some protected groups are more pronounced than others, but all groups that do fall into these categories have legislation that requires employers to provide proof when these candidates are not considered for a job, not promoted to a next position or given a career development transfer or terminated.

There are several groups that are watchdogs for these protections, but the ones that are more well known are Affirmative Action, EEOC and Department of Labor. I am providing you the links to each of these areas and I would like you to tool around the sites and take notes of the things that you research and learn and believe are important to know as you build your career as a recruiter. Your assignment is the following.

Select one story of discriminatory hiring practices that has taken place in this country within the last ten years. You will find these cases in a variety of sources i.e: newpapers, journals, legal websites etc. Once you have located a story, I would like you to submit a word document recapping the story. What was the company, what were they being accused of, which agencies were involved in the investigation and what was the outcome. In conclusion I would like you to tell me what your impression was of the story and the outcome, whether you agreed or disagreed with the result and if you might have done anything differently if you were on the HR or legal team involved. This assignment is 2 pages minimum and please be sure to cite the exact case, where you pulled it from etc. You can get help with citing from the library.




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