discuss o smeac and talk about why it is an effective tool to pass information

1. Discuss O-SMEAC and talk about why it is an effective tool to pass information.

Students must individually address the assigned IFC’s, through college level succinct and insightful paragraphs. Initial responses should be between 150-250 words. They must then individually comment – reply – to at least one fellow student’s post for each of the two remaining issues from the other group’s initial responses. The faculty grades the student’s contribution for all posts: the initial responses and the replies to their fellow students’ responses.

Remember, these are college-level postings. Pay attention to grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. The post or response need to explore both sides of the issue, especially the “yes or no” or “why or why not” type of questions. Feel free to introduce new material on the subject you found in your own research.

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