Discussion about data design

Can you help me understand this Computer Science question?

Olivia is the database manager at Tip Top Toys, a relatively small division of Worldwide Enterprises. Worldwide has nine other divisions, which include insurance, health care products, and financial planning services, to name a few.

Riccardo, corporate marketing director for Worldwide, has requested Tip Top’s customer shopping data to target people who might be likely to purchase items or services from other Worldwide divisions. Olivia is not totally comfortable with this, and pointed out Tip Top’s Web privacy policy, which states that “Tip Top Toys, a division of Worldwide Enterprises, will not share personal data with other companies without a customer’s consent.”

Riccardo replied that the statement only applies to outside companies – not other Worldwide divisions. He said he checked with the corporate legal department, and they agreed. Emily responded “Even if it is legally OK, it’s not the right thing to do. Many people take our statement to mean that their data does not leave Tip Top.At the very least, we should give customers a choice, and share the data only with their consent.”

Do you agree with Olivia? Why or why not?

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