discussion board 1300

Option One: You have just received a promotion to manage your subsidiary company in the Philippines. You are in the expatriate training program including the intense course in Philippine culture and language. You are also working closely with a company assigned mentor who managed that same company five years earlier. The mentor tells you that to expedite important permits and legal documents in the Philippine system you will need to “tip” the window clerks at the various offices who handle the paperwork. It is customary and some consider it a bribe more than a tip but still an accepted and expected practice. You feel this is unethical and you are struggling with the decision of whether to adapt and do it or try to get business done like in this country. What would you do and why? You know that a successful three year assignment managing that facility will result in an Assistant Vice-President position for you upon return to the parent company headquarters.

Option Two: Do performance appraisals serve a purpose or have they outlived their usefulness? How often does your company appraise performance? How can appraisals and the process be improved? Why? Provide examples.

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