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Chapter 1: Review the sections on “Characteristics of Competent Communication” and “Social Media and Interpersonal Communication”. Then, think of your current relationships that involve regular communication. Answer the following questions:

    1. What do you identify as your single major strength in the area of interpersonal communication? Cite two specific personal examples where you displayed this strength.
    2. What do you do especially well in terms of communicating face-to-face? Over social media?
    3. What do you identify as your one significant weakness? Give one specific example to illustrate why you feel this is a problem area for you.
    4. How can you improve your face-to-face communication? Communication over social media?
    5. How do your strength and weakness both relate to the “Characteristics of Competent Communication” section in Chapter 1? Make sure to use course terminology in your analysis.

Chapter 2: Think of a time when you were in a situation or place that meant you had to interact with people you perceived as culturally different from you. Answer the following questions:

    1. What was “different” about the other people? Ethnicity? Socioeconomic background? Age? Gender identity/sexual orientation? Ability level?
    2. How much experience did you have interacting with individuals from other cultures prior to this situation?
    3. How would you describe your usual motivation and attitude toward meeting people different than yourself?
    4. How did your communication alter or vary in this situation, dealing with people who were culturally different?
    5. How would the outcome of this interaction be different if you had the same experience again, having read this chapter/having had discussions about intercultural communication in this class?
    6. What steps might you take to improve your intercultural communication competence?

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