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Reflecting on the ‘You Know how I know your gay” scene from 40 Year Old Virgin, can it be said that the characters Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd are playing are homophobic. What does their discussion say on the construction of masculinity? Draw on evidence from the book and videos.


Define what Granovetter (1974) meant by the strength of weak ties. Give one example of how this might work in the real world of social networks.

3. What is social control? Distinguish between formal social sanctions and informal social sanctions. For what types of deviance are each sanction most effective, and why?


Immigration law makes it clear that entering the United States without the proper paperwork and permissions is a crime. In a few sentences, explain what the responses in the survey in Figure 2 suggest about how most people feel regarding both the criminal and deviant properties of illegal immigration.


What is the difference between income and wealth? Why might certain sociologists prefer to measure inequality based on wealth instead of income?

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