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I need a 100 words minimum response to another student discussion post. it should address why you agree/disagree with their posting, support it with new evidence to bring a new perspective to the topic.

Student 1.

Discussion 1 post

They have never had the same amount of responsibility as men and would not be able to handle it either. They would end up effecting the natural flow of things because the man is the only one in the house supposed to be expressing opinions. Mens earnings were a ton higher than women. They definitely had the advantage in the amount of income they were bringing in. Men were most glaringly dominate in the following positions; federal judges, lawyers, and doctors. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the civil rights act that prohibits employers from discriminating against race, sex, and religion. This was huge for women because now they could pursue any job they wanted. Not only that, but they could also gain promotions more easily and make more money. The specific recommendations for now is that women have child care centers so that motherly duties don’t take away from their careers and opportunities. I feel like the author means to look at women as equal to men. He is saying they deserve the same opportunities as men and should not be looked at as mothers and housekeepers but instead as independent.

Student 2.

Discussion 2 post

Clinton states that he thinks NAFTA will break down all the trade barriers between the three nations and create the worlds largest trade zone. On top of that he said that it would create 200,000 jobs in our country alone. The apparent contradictions are when he brings up the fact that. They Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act is designed to protect sensitive information of consumers. It limits the discloser of their personal information which is looked at as the modernizing of our financial laws. It takes away the restrictions that the Glass-Steagall Act put on the interactions between banks and security firms. This gave a ton more opportunity to business and banks overall and gave opportunity for more power and money. This made it easier for there to be more big name power house companies in the United States. Clinton advocated deregulating the derivatives market. In the long run NAFTA probably accelerated the progress but it did not make as big of a difference as Clinton was originally saying it was going to. He was correct about all the jobs it did create. Trading with Mexico created a ton of jobs for the United States citizens.

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