Doug and Susan Case Study- Spreadsheet

  1. Complete the Douglas and Susan Clark Case Study contained in a PDF file associated with this module. You must use a spreadsheet in completing this assignment.  When you’ve completed the spreadsheet, copy a Picture of it and paste it into your Word or Google document. Use a net worth analysis format similar to the one contained on page 6 of the Net Worth Analysis example posted as a helpful handout for this difficult assignment. (I strongly encourage you to carefully read and study the 8-page example before attempting the Doug and Susan Clark Case Study.)                                                                                                                                                                                        Your completed analysis should include 2013 as the base year for which you will compute the net worth.  You should then compute the Funds (or Income) from Unknown Sources for the years 2014-2016.  Professional formatting includes use of dollar signs, single and double underlines, commas, labels for line totals, bolds, etc. (50 points).                                                                                                                                                                                             Note: This is a challenging assignment so please e-mail me or post a question to the Discussion Board and I will be generous in giving help on it as well as check figures.  If you get none of the numbers correct in your analysis you will receive 0 of 50 points.

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