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A. Reply to at least two of you classmates’ posts by asking a probing question/s and provide reasoning/justification behind your question/s. Being respectful in your reply is critical.Each response post should be a minimum of 75 words. While only a minimum of two replies are required, students are encouraged to carry on the conversation beyond just one initial post and two response post. Historically, students who participate in the discussion board more than others, maximize their learning experience. A good example of “carrying on the conversation” is by responding to students who have asked probing questions of your own initial post.


Marketing is one of the best ways to promote our organization’s programs and services in order to target the people of Washington County. It helps build and maintain relationships with both consumers and the organization. One way to market is through social marketing. Social marketing applies commercial marketing strategies to promote public health. Social marketing is effective on a population level, and healthcare providers can contribute to its effectiveness (Evans, 2006). Our first approach should be through professional referral marketing. Referral is all about relationships, whether if it’s with other medical offices, hospitals, or any other professional provider. It is reliable because other practices are recommending our facility to provide services for these patients. Eventually, we can look into external marketing such as advertising on TV, newspapers, and billboards to help expand our organization. As for social media such as Facebook, it is an excellent stream to have because it allows people to participate in marketing activities and our organization could target the younger population as well as those in the Washington County area.

In response to Soumya’s reply, as CEO, I find it very essential to market our organization in order to reach out to our customers. We have to do all we can do to promote what we offer out in the market. We should definitely try to incorporate social media so we can reach out to those who are difficult to reach. At least by using Facebook, we would be able to inform and attract those who are interested in our programs and services we provide.


 Following listening to what Karen, the CEO, had to say about the new marketing plan she had heard about from Fred Furlough, many possible things ran through my mind. It seemed that within today’s evolving 21st century, social marketing was becoming to be vitally needed in order to reach all possible ages and cultures. I would recommend that creating a Facebook or Instagram account would be an enormous addition to our corporation’s marketing scheme. However there are many pieces that must fall into place in order to have a successful social media advertising platform. I would advise to Karen that we would need to have another meeting with other employee’s in order to make this work. There would need to be a marketing plan involving attraction of followers, who would be in charge of monitoring the account and constantly updating the account with news. Another advisement that I would give to Karen is that we would also need a legal team to be a counterpart in this marketing venture in order to keep the safety of the corporation. 

     If I were Karen, I would really appreciate Soumya’s response due to the fact that is not opposed to this new and upcoming idea that would spread the growth of the corporation. I would also be glad to know that she is not simply going to rush into it just because I asked but take the time needed in order to “provide adequate resources” (Fallon et. al., 2013). As my Information specialist, her job is to “Provide clients with information by designing methods to collect and retrieve data” (Monster, 2017). I feel that it is a great quality to be able to approach a task such as this one with broad intentions in order to cover all aspects that would work together to create a optimal function social marketing platform. I would then schedule a new meeting with Soumya and any other colleagues she would like to bring aboard in order to have all hands on deck in creating this new marketing scheme to bring more business to our corporation. 

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