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This question is one that is always a hard one to answer because most that think about this type of question feel strongly one way or the other.  For me personally I do not think that society has a right to legally define who can or cannot be married in the United States.  This is something that I think pertains to many different levels of marriage.  The obvious is clearly same sex marriage which has been a hot topic in recent times.  However, I think this also refers to interracial marriages, but I also think it could pertain to mixed religions, and even arranged marriages. Although laws forbidding interracial marriages are not longer legal the rate of these types of unions is much lower.  However, since the 1990’s interracial marriages have become increasingly common among American citizens.  (James, 2012).  As this topic also pertains to same sex marriage it brings up an interesting debate because it brings religious, societal, and government factors to light.   “As the number of claims about inclusion or equal recognition of unmarried couples grows, challenges to the rationality of marriage as a privileged institution become more relevant” (Macarena,2014).Some courts have a desire to protect the traditional notions of marriage, but once it is reviewed through the lenses of equality and autonomy rights it can be a hard thing to justify.  (Marcarena, 2014).  This kind of topic is relatively new in pop culture, but it is a topic that most feel strongly about.  Traditionally marriage is a man and women, but it can be difficult in today’s society to justify that it is right that those that love others might want equal rights.  When I got married to my husband personally most were against it because we were so young, and we also had known each other for only 6 months.  However, I can honestly say from the very first day it clicked with my husband, and now we are 4 plus years into our marriage, and I am very happy with the decision that he and I made.  I think marriage is something that has to be agreed upon and that the two partners are fully dedicated to their relationship and have similar goals.  As long as they are willing to work at their relationship constantly I don’t see why anyone should be told to marry or not to marry someone else.  

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