Due by Friday night 01/21/2017

Week 3 eActivity

·         Analyze three (3) Websites of your choosing and specify if the page layout is supportive or restricts learning using the six (6) points of addressing cognitive load identified in this week’s reading. Be prepared to discuss.

·         Go to the NCTE Website, located at www.ncte.org, and review at least three (3) professional development resources and opportunities. Be prepared to discuss.

·         Visit ERIC, an online repository dedicated to the history, conduct, and evaluation of teaching and learning practices. Insert the descriptors “Integrating Technology into the Classroom Case Study.” Select and review an article that is peer reviewed. Be prepared to discuss.

Week 3 Discussion 1

“Teaching Web Evaluation” Please respond to the following:

·         From the first e-Activity, defend the use of the three (3) Websites you chose within a K-12 or adult learning setting. Determine the key attributes that make each of the Websites supportive or restricting. Support your argument with at least two (2) examples of the use of Websites in related settings.

·         Imagine you are an instructor of a given course, and you have tasked students to use the Internet to research an assignment. Describe the approach you would take in instructing your students to distinguish between supportive and non-supportive Websites. Provide two (2) supporting examples for your rationale.

Week 3 Discussion 2

“Using Technology to Address Participation Gaps” Please respond to the following:

·         * From the second e-Activity, select three (3) professional development resources or opportunities, and suggest the manner in which they may enhance your professional development as an instructor. Provide two (2) specific examples of the use of such resources or opportunities to support your rationale.

·         From the third e-Activity, select two (2) strategies that you would use in the classroom and two (2) strategies that you would not use in the classroom. Justify your selections, and provide examples of the deployment of the strategies to support your rationale.

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