e commerce project 16


Create your own e-commerce business in Saudi Arabia (website or mobile application), you need to explain the process that you will follow in building your e-commerce presence.

Before you begin to build a website or app of your own, there are some important questions you will need to think about and answer. The answers to these questions will drive the development and implementation of your e-commerce presence.

Set up Your E-Commerce Presence

ØWhat is the idea? (the visioning process)

Introduce your e-commerce business.

oProvide an overview of your business idea

Product and type of services.

oWhat are the different types of products? Explain

oWhat kinds of services are provided by your online store? [ customer service, exchange and return, delivery and payment options] Explain

Business statement.

Business vision.

Business objective.

ØWhere’s the money:

oWhat is the company’s business model?

o Give a general idea of how your business will generate revenues

ØWho and where is the target audience? Explain demographics, lifestyle, consumption patterns, etc.

ØWhat is the ballpark? Characterize the marketplace. – Size, growth, demographics, structure.

ØWhere’s the content coming from?

ØKnow yourself— conduct a SWOT analysis for your business.

ØDevelop an e-commerce presence map.

ØDevelop a timeline: Milestones. – 6 phases.

ØHow much will this cost?

Building an E-Commerce Site: A Systematic Approach

ØPlanning: The Systems Development Life Cycle

Systems analysis/planning

§Business objectives. What are the capabilities you want your site to have?

§System functionalities (Shopping cart, payment system …. etc.)

§Information requirements (Dynamic text and graphics catalog … etc.)

Systems design

§(Logical and Physical)

§How it will look likes in terms of design and format

Building the system (a simple website layout)

§Create your own website using wix.com www.wix.com

§Or you can design the layout using any free e-commerce website template.

§Include 2-4 screenshots of your site

Testing (What type of testing will be applied?)


Choosing Software

The development of e-commerce required a great deal more interactive functionality, such as the ability to respond to user input (name and address forms), take customer orders for goods and services, clear credit card transactions on the fly, consult price and product databases, and even adjust advertising on the screen based on user characteristics.

oFunctionality for web server

oProvides basic functionality for sales

Online catalogue

Shopping cart

Credit card processing

Explain the different software you need for your site functionality.

Choosing Hardware

ØUnderlying computing equipment needed for e-commerce functionality

ØRight-Sizing Your Hardware Platform: The Demand Side and the Supply Side

ØExplain the different hardware needed for your site or app.

Payment and Security

ØWhat are the methods of payment you are going to use in your online store and why?

ØWhat are the commonly used technologies to secure your online transactions?

ØDevelop a privacy policy. The policy should outline how information will be collected and used?

Categorize marketing and advertising strategy and method.

ØExplain the online, offline and social media marketing strategies you will use to bring people to your website? And why?

Explain your business e-commerce process

ØExplain in detail all the steps from the time a visit is recorded until the final user buys a product.

Conclude your report.

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