Early Childhood Research Methods (1750 words only!)

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Things to note:

– APA style
– Article given
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Answer this question based on the following research report:

• Sullivan, A., & Bers, M. U. (2018). Dancing robots: integrating art, music, and robotics in Singapore’s early childhood centers. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 28(2), 325-346.

Write an original, critical analysis of Sullivan and Bers’s (2018) research report.

  1. a) Assuming that the references used in the literature review are accurately cited, examine how well the literature review aligns with the research topic, research questions and the study’s theoretical framework.

    b) Examine the appropriateness of the sampling, data collection and data analysis methods for addressing the research questions.

    c) Discuss the extent to which the findings address the study’s research questions.

    d) Discuss the limitations of this study and the kinds of questions that you still have about early technology and engineering education that have not been answered by this study.

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