easy 2 pages article review

I’m working on a Law question and need guidance to help me study.

hello this assignment is very easy and you should not face any troubles doing it. here are the guidelines :

  1. Write a review of a research article related to criminal investigations
  2. In paragraph format, discuss the following:
    1. What is the relevance of the topic to criminal investigations?
    2. What were the research questions that the author(s) are trying to answer?
    3. What were the findings/conclusions?
    4. What were the strengths/limitations of the research?
  3. Follow the below instructions:
    1. Find a journal article that conducts research related to criminal investigation.
    2. The article must be a research article from a journal that is at least 8 pages in total length and published after the year 2000.
    3. You must print out the article and bring to class on the due date.
      1. Make sure you are able to read page numbers in your printout, as you are expected to provide at least 3 in-text citations.
    4. Upload your submission in a Word Document in the Content section, under the heading of Article Review #1
    5. Due date is February 18th, prior to the start of class.
    6. Submissions should be 2-3 pages in length.
      1. Any submissions less that 2 pages of text will be given an incomplete for the assignment and the student will be required to resubmit at a penalty.
      2. Students that do not meet the minimum requirements for this assignment may be given grade of 0 for this assignment.
    7. Use Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1” margins, double space
    8. Provide the source in APA format at the top of your first page, prior to the content of your review.
    9. Prior to submission, review content for spelling, grammar, and APA format citation.
    10. Do not use a cover page.
    11. Keep your writing clear, concise, academic and objective.
    12. Do not write in first person.
    13. Avoid extraneous or redundant information.
    14. On the top of the word document, add a heading with the following information: last name, first name [tab] course [tab] due date

    please be very very careful with what you write and avoid plagiarism this is my graduation semester and i dontt want any problem. use credible sources that are supported and well known and please do not answer this question unless 100% positive you can avoid plagiarism and can deliver in time. also dont use complex vocabulary as i am an international student.

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