ecom 301 e marketing 1st semester 2019 2020 e marketing plan report


Throughout this course, you will be searching and analyzing a company web site for its application of electronic marketing principles.

â–ª You need to select a B2C website that you will follow throughout the course. You have to get the approval from your instructor before you start your project.

â–ª The web site is to be a brand site, not a site for a mega corporation with many different brands. For example: is a corporate website, while,,, are all Brands website.

â–ª The website must have a free newsletter or email communications.

â–ª If the company has retail outlets nearby, you also should consider a visit to the retail site. This will allow you to look for ways in which the firm is integrating marketing activities on and off the Internet.

You should put together an annual e-marketing plan to help set the marketing in general on the right course to make any company’s business goals a reality. It is a high-level plan that guides the direction of the team’s campaigns, goals, and growth.

Without an e-marketing plan, things can get messy and it will become nearly impossible to plan the budget that is needed for the projects, hiring, and outsourcing required over the course of a year if you don’t have a plan.

For this part of the assignment, you need to write a report that describe a digital/e-marketing plan.

*** do not do all the project ONLY 2,7,8,9,10,11 and 12

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