econ paper

Step 1: Go to this webpage:

Select one case in which there are many related documents provided. Here is an example of one that contains enough information to get started on your paper: v-american-bar-association Try to select a more recent case because you are likely to find more information online regarding the case.

Step 2: Read the case documents and do some independent research for other information or perspectives on the case.

Step 3: Write a paper on the case (3-5 pages, double-spaced) in MICROSOFT WORD. Your paper will include the following sections; put a title on your paper, the legal name of the case (Ex. U.S. v. American Bar Association), your name, and each of these number sections. You should abbreviate the section headings (for example, Section 1. Overview of the Case.):

  1. Overview of the case: including a description of the alleged illegal business practice(s) and who were the participants in the case.

  2. A summary of the legal accusations in the case.

  3. A summary of any analysis relevant to the case.

  4. Explain the outcome of the case (what was the final ruling or decision in the case).

  5. Provide two or three concluding paragraphs on your own thoughts about the case.

  6. Make sure you use proper citations/references to give proper credit to your sources of

    information including the case chapter and the book I told you to use. Any accepted, consistent citation/references methodology may be used.

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