Economics Discussion

Discussion Board #3

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Discussion Board Requirements(please review syllabus for more detailed explanation)

1. Initial post: 3-4 paragraphs, must have at least an in-text citation and reference in APA formatting, answer the question

2. Peer responses: two peer responses of at least one paragraph in length. any response to my questions will count as well

3. First post due by Thursday by the FIRST Thursday of the module by 11:55pm

4. Week ends by Saturday at 11:55pm


60 points for initial post(20 points for having first post by Thursday)

40 points for two peer responses


Analyze a monopoly, oligopoly, and monopolistically competitive firm that you have recently purchased/consumed a good or service. Please make sure to relate your answers to the market characteristics of each of the market structure. Explain what market structure you would like to sell and buy products in.

Once I post the Discussion, I will send the responses

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