editing a letter

I need you to make it a better way and correct it for me and use stronger words. make it look like urgent. 

Good afternoon Sir

I am having a big trouble picking up my Degree. I graduated last May and finished 12 credit hours during the summer.

10 Days ago I have finished my last class and it is been included in the GPA like a week ago and I still have not been called to pick it up while 3 of my friends have finished their classes at the same time I finished mine and received their degree last week. 

I already subleased my house and the landlord keeps asking me to move out. I have a family with me. I supposed to receive my degree last week as I calculated. I even already have bought my tickets on Monday morning for me and my family and since it’s from the government the dates are not adjustable. 

This is a serious matter for me and failing to pick it up by Friday will result in me and my family in a bad situation.

I had nothing to do with the delay no holds nothing wrong from my side.

please I need your help Ms. Dana I really do not want to put my self in any more trouble I am already in.

I am waiting for your valuable response 


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