edu 324 week 4 dq2

See the attached example. Please list five significant historical events/leaders from this era (Chapters Seven and Eight) and choose two to compare and contrast. Your Discussion Forum response will satisfy the following requirements:

Chapter 7

1.     The Great Depression

2.     Impact of the Depression on Education 1929-1931

3.     Financial Impact 1932

4.     Retrenchment Strategies of the great depression 1933

5.     Impact on Teachers from the great depression 1930

6.     New Deal Education Programs 1935

7.     Civilian Conservation Corps 1930’s

8.     National Youth Administration 1930’s

9.     Public Works Administration 1933

10.  Works Projects Administration 1935

11.  General Federal Aid Debate 1930’s

12.  The Indian New Deal 1930’s

13.  Efforts to Refocus the Schools and the Curriculum 1930’s

14.  Social Reconstructionism 1932

15.  Impact of the Second World War on the Schools 1939

Chapter 8

1.     The Civil Rights Movement 1950

2.     School Desegregation 1954

3.     Responses to the Brown Decision 1957

4.     The Carrot and the Stick: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965

5.     The Coleman Report 20th Century

6.     Increasing the Pace of Integration 1964

7.     Setbacks to Integration 1969

8.     Education and the War on Poverty early 1960’s

9.     The Economic Opportunity Act (EOA) of 1964

10.  The Elementary and Secondary Education Act and Other Important Legislation 1966

11.  Pioneers in Education: Lyndon B. Johnson

12.  Expanding the Rights of Language Minority Youth 1960’s

13.  Native American Education and the Drive for Self-Determination 1960’s

14.  Expanding Educational Opportunities for Mexican Americans 1960’s

15.  The Chicano Movement 1960

16.  The Education of Asian Americans 1960

  1. Five events and the date each event occurred is listed.
  2. Two events are chosen and a Venn Diagram is completed showing (at least three in each category) the similarities and differences of each chosen event.
  3. Three of the following five questions have been answered.
  • These events are still significant today because____.
  • If I could change the outcome of one of my listed events I would change___ because____. 
  • If only one of these events/individuals could have taken place; I would chose ___ because____. 
  • If I could change the outcome of one of my chosen events I would choose___ because____. 
  • What would you say is the most important result of each of your chosen events? 

Optional Resource: A Hypertext Timeline of American Educational History

Book: Webb, L. D. (2014).  History of American education: Voices and perspectives. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

If you have any questions in regards to this question feel free to ask me. Thank you!

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