Electoral College Research Paper

I am required to write a  7-10 page research paper. I need this to be the best paper ever written, as my grade is very important to me. It requires the use of at LEAST 5 Scholarly sources (journals, etc.) My topic is “Abolishing the Electoral College in favor of a National Popular Vote.” It is an opinion paper, so I am willing to see both sides (For or Against.)

    The guidelines must be followed, VERY STRICT, and are as follows:

     Choose one of the following topic areas. These research papers are designed to allow students to express their opinions and then provide support for that opinion through their own academic research. The best papers will discuss, based on research, the varying sides of a scholarly debate. Papers will be graded on content, form, clarity, and sources.
~ Abolishing the Electoral College in favor of a National Popular Vote.
     The paper must be between 7-10 typed, double-spaced pages of text. I will stop reading (and grading) beyond page 10. Text must be Times New Roman, 12-point font, and papers should have 1” margins. Papers must be stapled (in the top, left hand corner). Pages must be numbered consecutively throughout the paper (bottom, centered). Use “Justify” to align your paper, and also APA, MLA or Chicago style to format your paper.
  At least 5 academic, scholarly sources must be consulted and cited (e.g., from ProQuest, JSTOR, LexisNexis, Bentley library, etc). Primarily, academic sources for this assignment include only scholarly books and articles in academic journals (e.g., written by professors). General internet sources may not represent a majority of sources used. For example, Wikipedia is not an acceptable source to include in your paper.

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