Due within 3 hours.

After reading these essays, choose one of these essays that you like the best for its argumentative approach. Then post on the following points. Although there are a number of questions to respond to for this posting, the idea is to provide an assignment which will be similar to your second analysis paper. Therefore, the intent is to give you some practice on the process for the next major assignment.

1. What is specifically effective in the author’s use of the argumentative model?

2. What is specifically effective and ineffective in the essay’s introduction and conclusion?

3. Determine the major and minor claim the author developed (claim of fact, claim of definition, claim of value, claim of cause, or claim of policy).

4. Provide an example for the types of support (ethos, logos, and pathos). How do these examples help the author argue his claim(s)?

5. What assumptions does the author make in his writing?

6. Do you get a sense of the opposition? How is the opposition managed? How much does the author refute the opposition?

7. What specifically could the author have done to make the argument better?

8. Does the author make any fallacies that you can recognize?

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