eng 200 rhetoric and research research question and thesis worksheet

this assignment, you will choose an essay topic for your Final Paper, which is due in Week 5. You will consider three “subtopics” as an answer to the research question and formulate a thesis statement.

Review the possible topics for your Final Paper assignment listed below. You can also view the topics and questions in the University Library, where each of the topics is associated with an article. Keep in mind that the goal of this paper is to create an argument that will persuade someone else to adopt your perspective or point of view about the issue you choose.

Choose one of the following topics for your Final Paper, consider the research questions listed along with the topic, and review the source provided for this assignment. You are not required to use the provided source in your paper, but you will need to use 3 sources of defense from the University Library in your Final Paper, one of which will be peer-reviewed.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Is artificial intelligence helpful or hurtful to our economy? What are three reasons you hold this viewpoint?

Identify the three “reasons” or “subtopics” that seem most interesting to you (answer the research question). You can do this by brainstorming everything you know on the issue and even “Googling” the latest news on the topic. Use the prewriting strategies you learned in ENG 100. Review them if you can’t remember!

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