ENGL 1008 Assignment 3: Summary and Assignment 4: Literature review: an annotated bibliography and Assignment 5: Argumentative essay 7-10 pages – 2300 words.

Assignment 3: Summary

 In this assignment you will look for one article to summarize. The article may be in a journal, magazine, newspaper, or material from a credible web site. The article must be in English and be prepared to defend the credibility of the source. Locate a publication you think will give you information that will be helpful in your final project report. You will have to locate more than one article and select the best one. The publications you can use for this short project should run at least 1200 words. Please hand a copy of the article with its references with your final draft.

Your summary will be exactly 250 words. It will do the following:

  • identify the author, the name of the article, and the date and place of publication,
  • identify the main idea/argument/position/assumption of the author,
  • identify the purpose of the article
  • identify key supporting ideas,
  • be direct, concise, objective, and neutral,
  • discuss the article from an “outsider’s” perspective,
  • use your OWN words,  
  • cover all main points of the article
  • keep the reader informed through attributive tags (such as according to Jones… or Jones argues that… or The author explains that…) that you are expressing someone else’s ideas,
  • be a unified, focused, and coherent piece of writing!

Your summary will NOT:

  • be over 250 words,
  • show your opinion of the article or its arguments,
  • contain grammar or spelling mistakes,
  • include long quotations,
  • leave important facts out,
  • give too much importance to some details and not enough to others,
  • forget to mention the author and what ideas are his/hers,
  • discuss the ideas as if they were yours;
  • include some unnecessary details.

Due dates

First draft: Monday, February 27th– 250 words- typed and double spaced in Times Roman font 12.

Final draft: Monday, March 13th – 250 words


·         Your summary follows all of the above directions and you have selected an appropriate article (40 pts.)

·         Your summary is a clear, fair, and accurate representation of the original article; you have selected an appropriate selection of information (ALL, and ONLY, the important facts) (20 pts.)

·         Your text is clear, well organized, with an introduction and a conclusion; you are able to write from an outsider’s perspective; different parts are flowing nicely with adequate transitions; the length is as assigned (250 words) (20 pts.)

·         You use clear and direct language; the spelling and grammar are without problems; the sentence construction has a nice variety; the vocabulary is powerful and meaningful; your paper follows the discussed rules of mechanics (punctuation) and format (20 pts.)

Assignment 4: Literature review: an annotated bibliography

This assignment will give you practice in the research skills locating appropriate, credible, and balanced sources; synthesizing a variety of sources; interpreting the connections between sources; and using proper MLA documentation. You must use up to 10 credible sources in this paper. The primary purpose of this report is to bring together various sources to build a better understanding of a topic related to your final research project. Thus, your main purpose is to inform on the significance of the articles you have selected. That said, you will need to go a bit beyond summary in that you will interpret different sources and may decide to conclude by explaining your interpretation of what these sources together tell you/us about the topic. (See sample annotated bibliography in D2L)

1)      Organize your sources alphabetically and provide complete bibliographical data.

2)      Write, in your own words, a summary of your source. What is the writer’s position and how is it supported? You may include a few short quotes, but, for the most part, this should be a summary.

3)      Write an evaluation of the validity and appropriateness of the text to your project. Does the text support/contradict/complicate your attitude toward your subject? Relate it to other texts, raise questions. Indicate how you might use it in your paper.

Due dates

First draft: Friday, March 24th – at least 6 entries – formatted as discussed in class

Final draft: Friday, March 31st – completed bibliography as instructed.


·         You present an objective view of the topic through your article choices; the articles you chose give interesting perspectives on your topic and give adequate and valuable support of ideas. Your paper presents strong evidence of critical reading and understanding of the sources and the connections between them (how similar or different they are) (30 pts).

·         You chose good ideas to compare and contrast and show that you have really thought about those ideas and clearly demonstrate comparison and contrast skills. You are able to understand and present, as well as analyze new ideas and draw conclusions from them, show how those ideas relate to one another, ask questions, and find answers. Plans for future research are clear (30 pts).

·         Your paper has an excellent organization of information, and a clear introduction that shows your criteria for the choice of articles. (MLA style) at the end (30 pts).

·         The spelling and grammar are without problems; the sentence construction has a nice variety; the vocabulary is excellent; your paper follows the discussed rules of mechanics (punctuation) and format (as explained in class and online). Your annotation includes 8 credible articles -4 pts if you didn’t submit all drafts and outlines in a folder and your article credibility evaluation. (10 pts).

Assignment 5: Argumentative essay 7-10 pages – 2300 words

The objective of this assignment is to take a position on a topic based on the research that you have found. That is, you will describe your research question(s) and then try to answer them through your research. Your answer to the question (s) is your position or argument, and it is your job to persuade your audience that you have answered the question in a fair, well-informed, and well-supported way. You already have done much of the work in your previous projects. In this paper, you will bring this previous work together and go a step beyond to take a position on your topic. Feel free to use portions of your previous work in this paper. (Though be warned that just cutting and pasting without making any changes may not be the best strategy.)


  • 7-10 pages, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman size 12, MLA/APA format
  • Complete referencing (in-text and references/works cited) using MLA/APA
  • Appropriate and informative title

6-10 appropriate sources (limit website sources to less than half of your sources.)

Due dates

First draft: Friday, April 7th – at least 7-10 pages words- typed and double spaced in Times New Roman font 12.

Final draft: Wednesday, April 26th – 7-10 pages


  • (15 pts) focused introduction that contains an attention catcher, the research questions, a short explanation of the value of the research, and a description of the organization of the paper; strong conclusion that summarizes the main points of the paper and shows critical understanding of the research;
  • (15 pts) very clear organization of the content of the paper
  •  (40 pts) in-depth, convincing, and interesting “answers to the research questions” and presentation of the ideas, including developed arguments, objective counter arguments or different views of the ideas, your response to those counter arguments, and personal opinions based on critical thinking. Remember to DRAW CONCLUSIONS from the information you present. Always ask yourself the question “so what?”; I also want SUBSTANCE, new information, in-depth and objective argumentation, more than just opinions. Remember the different parts of an argument!
  • (15 pts) correct format (MLA or APA) throughout the text and for the entire paper 8-10 pages, exciting title, transitions, balanced paragraphs, academic discourse, precise language (nothing vague, unexplained, too generalized); varied sentence structures, good spelling and grammar, mechanics
  •  (15 pts) the adequate use of enough sources (6-10) of quality (at least 2 from academic journals); good balance between quotations, summaries, and paraphrases; an MLA/APA works cites page at the end.

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