ENGL2311: Assignment 2 for nyanya

Remember to be professional and not allow emotion to dictate the tone of the document.

Read the Case Study, “The Company Is Bugging Me,” in Chapter 4 (Chapter 5, 3rd. ed). Follow the directions for the Collaborative Project on the previous page, but write your response individually. Reread the more detailed instructions in Lesson 2.

If you were Hanna, how would you react to this dilemma? How would you use writing to turn your reaction into action? Would you write a memo to your supervisor or to someone in corporate management? Would you contact a government agency? The media? Think carefully about who you are writing to and what you want to accomplish with your written document. Whichever path you choose, write a letter or memo as Hanna (using the genre formats shown in your textbook) to a specific, namedreader (e.g., Hanna’s supervisor, someone in corporate management or in the human resources office, a newspaper journalist) that asks the reader to take action. Briefly state the situation for the reader of your document, and then suggest an appropriate course of action [or alternative]. Support your recommendation by highlighting the various issues involved and possible alternatives. Required length: one-two pages, following the correct formatting for the document type you choose, memo or letter.

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