English 2 homework must be right Only those smart in english

 Throughout Lesson 1, you have explored the many ways in which authors use elements of poetry to communicate the meaning of a poem.  Now, you have an opportunity to share what you know and do so in a multimedia format.

 You may choose any multimedia presentation tool you would like.  Here are some possibilities: 

Powerpoint  Presentation 

No Plag!!!           

HOW you present the information is up to you!    WHAT you need to present is as follows:

1. Choose a poem from either the poems assigned in this course or one from a well-known author (i.e. Robert Frost, Gwendolyn Brooks, Alice Walker, Emily Dickinson.  NOT a poem by a friend or yourself).  You may also consider choosing the lyrics of a song you like (again, by a famous/well-known artist).

2. Use the chart below as a planning guide to help you identify specific elements of poetry within your chosen piece.  Then, present this information in whatever multimedia format you choose.  no plag! Chart is below if you need them  

Visual Examples: Note that these examples do not include information from the chart. You need to incorporate the information from your chart into your presentation (ex. on the last slide). Feel free to take a snip of your chart and try posting it in as a picture as long as it’s readable on the screen.

Powerpoint https://youtu.be/OapCnwbnggI and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBw2LVG55zc

https://youtu.be/7zEKoSpEi4A Own artwork

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